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It is a frightening experience for parents when they feel helpless in raising their children to be equipped, empowered and to be successful children in this world.

Have you wondered why children are born to same father and mother, yet seem completely different in disposition? We will explain the role the Medlian genetics play in that phenomenon. During the exploration, you will understand why each child responds differently, be able to recognize the behavior and what technique you are to use when communicating with them.

Over a span of 4 weeks, parents will practice  What To Do When:

  • Your child develops their own mind and independence, and no longer follows your directives?


  • Your child challenges you at every stage of their development?

Between case studies, assignments and discussions, attendees are expected to leave feeling much more confident in knowing what to do throughout the stages of their child(ren) development.

The 4-week course is only $497.   If you have any level of the Our Legacy Plus membership plan, you will receive 20% off the $497 investment. To register, kindly click here: 

ABOUT FACILITATOR, Dr. Laurence Richards Usher.

Dr. Laurene Richards-Usher has over 30 years of experience as an educator and administrator, with a deep commitment to the holistic development of students. Her work spans across Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States, focusing on the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical growth of her students through the provision of comprehensive resources.

As an administrator, Dr. Richards-Usher is dedicated to fostering harmonious parent-child relationships. She provides principle-based advice and practical resources to parents, guiding them in creating environments of mutual respect and admiration. Her disciplined and committed approach has positively impacted countless families, ensuring children’s success and the continuity of family legacies.

Believing in the divine stewardship of parents over their children, Dr. Richards-Usher emphasizes the importance of parents equipping themselves with essential knowledge and skills. This empowerment builds parental confidence and positions children for success.

Dr. Richards-Usher is married to Dr. Anthony Usher, and they have three young professional adult sons.

That said, Dr Usher and her child psychologists associates will ensure that parents are left empowered and confident to lead their children to sustainable greatness!!

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