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How It All Began


Founder: Susan Russell 

Susan through the years observed that many parents did not leave wealth (health & finance) for their

children to build upon.
In addition, she also observed retirees having to go back to work for minimum wage because they did not put away enough to retire well.  Therefore, she decided to create a service to assist in effective legacy development and continuity of wealth (the mindset, as well as physical, spiritual, relational and financial health) for next generations.

Today, Susan and her loving husband, Chuck are on a journey of influencing others to think differently; and inviting them to discover a purposeful life- where family leaders see the vision of what is possible if they change course and head for a plan of sustainable family development.
​If you are an overcomer of what life served you in your earlier years of life, and would like to be a trusted advisor to help others in their struggle, make it through to a glorious life, our platform is available to you.

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