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"About 10,000 of the youngest baby boomers are turning 65 every day. About half of the country's wealth is in their hands, but over the next couple of decades, their families will inherit it in what's been dubbed “The Great Wealth Transfer.” stated by Boss Magazine Jan 2023.

The awareness of wealth creation started in America as far back as 1737  during the era of Benjamin Franklin. 

Fast forward to today, approximately $670 million is spent annually to provide financial education to consumers according to

So what makes this a big deal?  Wealth creation became formal and well organized in 1978  followed by Roth Ira in 1997 when many companies got their employees enrolled in tax deferred/tax savings programs, coupled with individual counseling.

That means, families and businesses can continue even if the head of household or key leaders in business transitions from this life.  There should be no loss financial support experienced.



So imagine, women receiving wealth transfer from their parents who were well vested and shared their wealth with all children; a woman happens to one of the children receiving her share of the inheritance,  worked and have her own accumulation of wealth, gets married to a wealth conscious husband, who by virtue of being a man, statiscally on an average dies before his wive, thus leaving his accumulation and insurance policy to his her, whom by this time is massively rich.  She has no need to suffer lack nor anyone in the household.

Thanks to health, relationship, spiritual and mindfulness education now added to the real and sustainable value of wealth  people are now living longer and happier, contributing to 90s now being stated as the new 50s. 

We are witnessing more relationship maturity awareness; more collaboration and family cohesiveness and more happy, purposeful, peaceful coexistance of family members effectively managing transfer of wealth and growing it.


Our Legacy Plus, have created a comprehensive system to support individuals with a desire to start a family, as well as families needing educational support and systems for building effectively managed legacy of generational wealth.

To make it possible for anyone to experience what it would be like to have the support, and learning while building wealth, we have created an introductory membership plan for an amazing fee of $7.00.

We are scheduling tours of the virtual program a few times in March, where you will learn how the program works and how it benefits you, your family and your wealth creation.

To be notified, kindly complete the Notify Me Form below.  We will then email you the schedules of the virtual tours from which you can attend.

Sign up to be notified of The OLP Virtual Tours in March 2023 

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