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The core of Our Legacy Plus Membership consists of five (5) functional areas that support the family on their journey to sustainable legacy development. The five are Relationship, Health, Spiritual Mindset, Mindfulness, and Assets. 
See the description of each below in addition to Why, Values,
Vision Statements, and Leadership Education:



Why, Values, Vision (WVV) Statements Workshop

​In this workshop, purpose of an individual and creation of a sound family existence are discussed;
Understanding Why, the family was created is defined;

The Vision of the Family taught and made clear to current generation; and each pass it on to the next.
At end of a four-sessions workshop, each participant will leave with a well-constructed Family Legacy Statement.


​Parents and Children Mastermind Class

​Raising children from infancy for self-leadership is critically important to their sustainable success.

In this program, parents are encouraged to participate in self and parental leadership; as well as growth & development educational sessions. By so doing, they are in a strong position to model the values of self-leadership behavior before their child/children, who are the future leader(s).

The core of the program is centered on character development.



Supporting personal health; and the health of the legacy

​In our weekly wellness forum, we will discuss and demonstrate the importance and the impact a healthy brain has on strong spritual comprehension, mental and  physical health, in the sustainability of a family's legacy.

If parents are building a legacy to last, they have the responsibility to teach not only through words, but also through daily behaviors.  Parents would learn how their consistent actions to practice healthy lifestyle habits, ensure that their children would also realize the importance and embrace the practice as well.


Understanding God

​In this program, we will explore who God is; how he interacts with us; the critical role he plays in helping us to become the best version of ourselves; achieve our highest potential and sustainable prosperity.

We will observe how he showed up in human form to demonstrate how we are to perform in this mystery called life.

We will understand why what may be perceived as evil, is permitted to exist.

​We will discuss how God's teaching of the use of words and actions impact our experiences and how we can have complete control over the effects of evil.

Being aware and  self-sabotaging
beliefs and fears


In this program, you will identify, become aware and discuss how self-sabotaging beliefs, fears, unforgiveness, impact and impede the blessings you so rightfully deserved. 

You will also learn the skill of Mindfulness which helps to release forgiveness and sincerely express  gratitude for everything and situation seen and unseen, (be it perceived as good or bad) so you can have the most desirable experiences in life.


Character development and awareness
​in succession planning

Often times, family members find themselves going through probate with Wills received from love ones. That is partly due to the lack of trust that exists in a family arising from the character each person exhibits.

However, if effective relationships are developed early; guided by the family's Why/Values/Vision statements, which forms the staple of every successful family's behavior, election of successors to manage the family's estate becomes very easy to accomplish.

The consistent behavior of sustainable values, eliminate the need to fight over wills and estate left by parents for the continuance of the family legacy. 

​​In this program, we will discuss how to build trusting and enjoyable relationships with family and even friends.


​Literacy and Investment


In this program, we will learn how to build and maintain sustainable asset portfolio.

In addition of learning that children are the number one greatest asset in any family's Asset Portfolio, we will learn the importance of carefully developming them.

We learn credit worthiness and how to use it effectively.

We will discuss what the investment of cryptocurrencies, real estate, stocks, bonds, insurances, are and how they work;

We will discuss the effectiveness of estate planning, healthcare proxy, power of attorney, wills, trusts, the IRS' position on estate taxation, your income and assets being left for your next generation.

Assisting in the development and growth of a sustainble business; that include family's youth participation.

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