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Hello: I am Dr. Corrie Amos, M.D
I am a facilitator on the OLP Ruby Health Team.

I am facilitating topics on lifestyle practices that impact your health both negatively and positively.

Key area of facilitation:

  • The impact spices in particular have on your health and psyche;

  • Main cause of pain and how pain can be managed;

  • How to effectively cook with handcrafted spices that bring out robust flavor.

Once you have registered as an Our Legacy Plus with Ruby benefit access, you will have access to my programs and facilitation.

Looking forward to meeting you!

My Story

Dr. Corrie Amos is a board-certified anesthesiologist, Acute Pain Management practitioner, culinary enthusiast, and health & wellness advocate.

Dr Amos’ curiosity in Lifestyle Medicine was birthed after being exposed to natural spices that her grandmother harvested consistently.  It was during her medical training that she realized the healing benefits of those fresh herbs.

Her fascination with healthy cooking was further driven by years of medical training and scientific curiosity. She became painfully aware that chronic health conditions were ravaging communities especially of the poor.

Poor diet and poor food preparation techniques were a driving factor to unhealthy outcomes. The availability of commercial spices heavily filled with preservatives and MSG didn’t make it any better. 


 Dr Amos’ research took her to Nairobi, Kenya where she studied medicinal plants and herbs. This opened the world of herbal medicine for her, and began experimenting with crafting spice mixes and honing in on their medicinal value. 

Today, Dr Amos in addition to ensuring foods are flavored with healthy seasoning without high levels of sodium and other harmful ingredients, she also counsels patients, and shares at seminars, the importance of embracing healthy lifestyle practices.  That practice includes being mindful in abstaining as much as possible from consumption of harmful chemicals.

Dr. Amos is a graduate of Chapel Hill School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina.
She is happily married with two amazing small children.

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