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Hello: I am Dr. Laurene Richards- Usher
Facilitator on the OLP Citrine RelationshipTeam.

I specialize in Parenting Relationship.

My key topics of discussion:

  • How to effectively develop a purposeful relationship with your child;

  • How to connect and not just communicate;

  • How to have a difficult conversation with your child;

  • How to inspire them to become a better version of him/herself.

Once you have registered as an Our Legacy Plus member with Citrine benefits,  you will have access to my programs and facilitation.

Looking forward to meeting you!

My Story

Dr. Laurene Richards- Usher has over 30 years of experience as an educator, and administrator. As an educator, she focuses on the students’ emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical development by providing adequate resources to enable students’ success. She has worked in Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States of America.


As an administrator Dr Richards- Usher is passionate about assisting parents to develop a harmonious relationship with their child; which often times result in the child exhibiting a respectful admiration toward the parent. She equips parents with principle-based advice that supports the practical and useful resources utilized and implemented during the child’s developmental stages. The principles for success when fully embraced by parent and child often last throughout their and ensures the continuity of their legacy. She is noted for her caring, loving, compassionate strength; and a determination to pull the best out of those she mentors.

Dr Richards-Usher believes that God has entrusted parents as steward over their children. And with that responsibility, parents should empower themselves with pertinent knowledge, skills and opportunities.  Such empowerment fosters confidence within parents to position their children for success.


Dr Richards- Usher is married to Dr. Anthony Usher and together they have three young professional adults’ sons.

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