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About Relationship

Q: How important are family relationships?
A: It provides the family a sense of safety and security. Each member is has the opportunity to be themselves and feel accepted; learning from good parents how to develop trust and effective community.

Q: What is an example of a good family relationship?
A: Parents should guide their children in doing things together on a regular basis. Discussing difficult conversations; having one to one intimate conversations to build trust.

Q: How does building good relationship with children in early parenting years, benefit parents in their senior years?
A: It guarantees support when parent no longer can fend for themselves; ensure confidence in children managing their assets.

Q: What is a broken family relationship?
A: Where members of the family do not speak to each other;  brought on by unresolved disagreements.

Q: Can a broken family relationship be mended ?
A: Absolutely!  First step, forgiveness must be offered and accepted. Then conversation should continue in a positive light.

Q: Where do you turn to repair a damaged family relationship?
A: Seek professional help from mental health counselors; religious leader that subscribe to Biblical principles.

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