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Introducing Our Legacy Plus $99 Comprehensive Business Subscription Package

Unlock Your Path to Sustainable Wealth and Expansion!

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Our Legacy Plus is excited to offer a comprehensive subscription package that empowers you with essential knowledge and skills for sustainable wealth creation and personal growth.


For just $99 a month,  gain access to a series of educational programs designed to impact every aspect of your life and business. Also, enjoy 20% off all fee-basaed programs.


Included Programs:

  • Intentional Dating: Our supportive sessions provide insights and strategies for effective dating that leads to fulfilling marring. 


  • Intentional Marriage: Build a strong, lasting partnership with proven strategies. We provide the necessaray support and environment for the couple to thrive well with each other. This process also applies to partners in business.

  • Intentional Parenting: This program mentally prepares a couple for the journey to parenting confident, well-rounded children with effective parenting techniques.

  • Health Management: Access resources and live training on nutrition, exercise, stress management, self-leadership, and creating a balanced lifestyle.  


  • Spiritual Knowledge: Deepen your spiritual understanding and growth. Regardless of your religious background, we offer guidance on how to integrate spiritual principles and the wisdom of God into daily living.


  • Mastering Self-Awareness: Enhance your self-awareness for personal and professional success. Workshops are designed to help individual understand themselves better, recognized their strengths and weaaknesses, and develop a minset geared toward continous personal improvement.


  • Business Growth and Development: Unlock strategies for growing and developing your business. This part program covers the essentials of starting a business, effective management, and investments.


  • Family Succession Planning: Assisting in the selection and development of family successor -thus ensuring your legacy continuity.

Why Choose Our Legacy Plus?

Affordable: Get access to all these valuable programs for just $99.

Comprehensive: Cover all key areas for holistic personal and business growth.

Expert-Led: Learn from seasoned experts and practitioners.

Flexible Learning: Access the programs anytime, anywhere.

Act Now! This introductory subscription price offer is available from June 1st to December 31st 2024.

Don’t miss your chance to invest in your future and create a lasting legacy.

Subscribe Today and Begin Your Journey to Sustainable Wealth and Expansion!

To start your monthly subscription, click the following tab:

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