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Meet the OLP-SMI Team poised and ready to support you through the holiday season.



Let us kick off the holidays with the right spirit and emotions by reflecting on the delightful smells of holiday cuisines and bakes!  How about the the joyous memories to help us rekindle as you plan for the upcoming holidays?

If we prepare well, we can have the best holiday season yet, and start the new year with purpose, energy, and determination to have the best planned year! 

To help us, are our mindset, relationship and physical professionals: Dr Judith Josiah Martin, Dr Sonia Smith, Dr Marc Miller, Dr Warner Richards and Dr Michael Christie.

We are looking forward to your inputs- to hear about your memories of the holidays and what you remember most about them- from the kitchen to the dining room to the family room discussions after the holiday dinner.  How do you prepare??

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